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What some people have said about working with me as their counsellor.

"Before starting counselling, I struggled with low self confidence, depression and social anxiety. Andy made me feel at ease, listened patiently and helped me understand my issues. He provided me with the tools to deal with these problems in everyday situations.
I feel positive now and more confident thanks to Andy's support."

"Really appreciate your kind words and I feel really positive about our experience together and the effects that’s had on my life so thank you once again. I reached out to Andy at a point in my life where I was battling debilitating anxiety, the mounting pressures of work, and becoming a new parent. For the 2 years we worked together, the sessions were essential to me in managing my mental health and working through the un-expected hardships life presented. The sessions were self guided as Andy encouraged me to follow my own trains of thought and together we unpacked the issues and recurring themes. I have left Andy with new tools of checking in with myself and my feelings, a greater understanding of how anxiety behaves and maintains itself and more confidence in my parenting ability and my intuition."


"I wanted to thank you for being available and affordable this last year or so, I wouldn’t be where I am without your help and insight."



"Andy has made me feel at ease in a relaxed and safe space. He really made me feel I was being listened too in a non judgemental way. How I can face my own realities and to find ways to work on my own strengths and work towards achieving my goals in the future, in a more positive way. I would highly recommend Andy."

"I reached out to Andy when I realised that I needed to talk to a Therapist as anxiety was increasing in my life which was affecting my confidence and self worth.
Andy provided me with a calm, non-judgemental and empathic space to explore and reflect on my past and how this was affecting me within in my feelings of anxiety and dread and in particular Impostor Syndrome.
Andy helped me to bring therapeutic change to my life though understanding where this all came from within me, by walking along with me in my process exploring what was coming up which helped me realise consciously how to manage my thoughts, feelings and reactions linked to my anxiety.
I can't recommend Andy enough for counselling he has a natural calm which really helped me feel safe and grounded while also challenging me in a firm but kind way which lead me to some really important insights about myself which has helped me change my life and find ways to reduce my anxiety and maintain my confidence in myself for which I am extremely grateful thank you Andy!"
"Meeting with Andy and talking on a regular basis has really helped me with my personal difficulties and with help from Andy I managed to find perspective and be myself. It was my first time seeing a counsellor and I can wholeheartedly recommend it! I would like to thank Andy for all the help he has given me and feel much more positive about myself as a result."


"I felt truly lost a year ago. I can honestly say, for the first time in my life, I felt heard. Andy is the most calm, compassionate and non-judgmental therapist I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Thank you so much for being everything I needed and more.”


"Working with Andy has been both cathartic and productive. Having tried to resolve issues myself through various self-help books, Andy firstly allowed me to vent in a safe space and thereafter helped focus me onto root causes and brought new perspective to what I had felt were irreparable parts of my life. Andy has equipped me with useful tools towards achieving my goals and I would encourage other people who have not yet experienced counselling to contact Andy - his calm, attentive and insightful support has helped me a great deal."
"I highly recommend counselling with Andy; it has made a huge difference to my life in both dealing with past trauma and issues, and helping me move forward, being more mindful, making day to day life more pleasant and being in a better, happier place".
"Counselling can seem a really daunting and scary step to take but it really can change things for the better. Give it a chance, you'll be pleasantly surprised".
"A huge thank you for your help these last couple of months. My first experience of counselling has been hugely positive".
"Talking to Andy has really helped me to work through some personal difficulties, allowing me to reframe my life and improve my relationship with my family. It was my first experience of receiving counselling and it has been a hugely positive and fruitful one. I thank Andy from the bottom of my heart".
"I felt very comfortable with Andy during the first session and throughout".
"During counselling with Andy, I really felt that my thoughts and feelings mattered".
"Counselling with Andy helped me make connections I was not aware of".
"Counselling with Andy has enabled me to grow and find solutions".
"Counselling with Andy has been brilliant and I have got so much from it".
" I was really nervous about starting counselling as I’ve never done it before and as a man I found it quite hard to reach out for help, however, Andy made me feel at ease straight away. I felt like I could talk to him about anything that was worrying me and there was no judgement from him. During lockdown I felt like my anxiety was never going to go away but with the help of Andy I am now on my way to becoming myself again! I would highly recommend Andy to anyone considering doing counselling as he’s been great for me".
"Thank you so much once again for everything and if I’m ever struggling again I won’t hesitate to get back in touch".



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